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Hey teachers, moms/dads and all virtual instructors. I want to help out in any way I can and thought the Loom Chrome Extension would be very helpful. After teaching math for 12 years I got burnt out and started my own businesses, Live Play Texas Real Estate Team and DigitalLee Done by Ronda. I know ONLY SOME of the struggles with starting this school year and empathize. I had been creating YouTube videos for math every night and then uploading them to 3 different online sources for parents. As a parent, I now see the other side of the coin with the virtual learning.

I use this tool now regularly for my business when I need to walk clients through some technical difficulties. I do not want to add to your overflowing plate as teachers but hope this FREE Chrome Extension can alleviate some frustration in explaining multi-step instructions from a distance.

It records a video with voice and/or your live picture, if you want, of your computer screen.

Here is the LOOM VIDEO TUTORIAL I created using LOOM!